Vibhu Nagral


is a health, wellness and lifestyle medicine coach, with 25+ years of global experience in health education, yoga therapy, coaching and counseling. With a career spanning both the US and India, she has gained a rich assorted experience with a global population seeking wellness of mind, body and spirit which she delivers with care.

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Babitarani Suvarna

Yoga therapist, Consultant & Healing Coach

has always believed Health is WEALTH. She is certified yoga therapist with an MA in Psychology, who has over 15 years of experience in treating patients with cancer, Parkinson’s disease, mental health and chronic pain. She is a certified personal counselor and combines her skills in naturopathy and…

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Namrata Sharma

Art & Music Therapy Consultant

is armed with a degree in engineering, the mind of an entrepreneur and the heart of an artist, Namrata Sharma stepped into the world of IT and Animation and gained over 20 years of learning and experience in these fields. From working as an animator to heading the production of full length animated feature films as the…

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